Don’t fret, if you’ve sitting there thinking “What in flamin’ hell is a anti-glare ring?” Here are some nuts and bolts to help you along. You can also find a FAQ here. Let the lesson begin…

Secondary Reflector

This is the larger decorative reflector which acts as the main ‘body’ of the luminaire.

Anti-Glare Ring

Set deep within the luminaire this small but important component that helps reduce glare and create a soft illumination.


The outer rim of the luminaire. The only part that sits below the ceiling.


How much light comes for the luminaire. At the moment we have made it simple with two output choices but you can find a full output list here.

CCT/Colour Temp

The colour of light from the luminaire i.e. warm white, cool white.


The angle the light is projected from the luminaire i.e. 10 deg, 60 deg.

Tilt Angle

The angle the actual luminaire tilts to focus on a particular area.

Dim Control

Altering the amount of light that comes from the luminaire (we have many types of dimming options).

Honeycomb Louvre

Small insert that cuts out even more glare. It’s called honeycomb because, well because it looks like something bees would create.


Makes the downlight look seamless or trimless in a plaster ceiling.


Only lights the wall, not the floor.


The shape and mounting style of the luminaire.