We're a bunch of lighting designers, fabricators, technologists, planners, project managers, sales managers and one hell of a barista.


Some people like get us to supply projects, some like us just to design and a whole bunch get us to both design + supply. Here’s a snapshot:

At ambience we offer everything from product sales to a complete lighting package for one-off projects right through to international roll-outs across retail chains, boutiques, offices, churches, public space, restaurants, bars and multi-residential projects. We can handle your project from concept – to documentation – to sales. And we don’t stop there, we offer extensive after-sales support. . This means less headaches, because headaches are bad.

Lighting supply

Our prime consideration with our lighting products is a high level of design aesthetic and quality components to guarantee a first-class performance.  We have a colossal amount of stock on hand and with such a mammoth warehouse to fill you have to – from producing and manufacturing our own fixtures to bi-monthly deliveries from suppliers in Europe + Asia.

Lighting design

We create award-winning, lighting design & planning packages for whatever your needs. Our design service is flexible and can be tailored for each client and project. This service ranges from guidance and hand sketch to a full CAD construction packages including renders, lux level diagrams and section J6 documentation.


Custom Luminaire

We produce linear profile and other customised pieces in-house, when we say house we actually mean a big workshop. Our specialty luminaire designers work closely with you to craft a spectacular, crafted piece. Yippee!

Lighting CPDs

We offer educational CPD and workshop presentations focusing on lighting and its application. We’ve provided talks for a designers nationwide, educational institutions and various industry groups covering a wide rage of engaging topics.

Luminaire build

As well as being handpicked by the world’s biggest lighting companies to distribute their products, we also produce our own light fixtures at our lab facility. ambience is passionate about supporting local fabrication and using sustainable materials whenever and wherever possible.

Light testing & research

At our lab facility we can test light fittings for output, temperature, colour rendering, efficiency and distribution. We also like to use it to tinker, toil and experiment with different uses for light.


We also have an International Table Tennis competition facility where we compete under the prison rules system.