Woodstock Pizzicheria – Chadstone

It’s always a pleasure collaborating with Studio Y for a hospitality lighting project and Woodstock Pizzicheria at Chadstone was no exception. The Woodstock owners travel throughout Italy sourcing the finest of ingredients and that attention to detail and quality is on display in the tantalising interior design. Our LED profile provides punch around the woodfire oven and adds edge under counters and other joinery. A mixture of Flow Mini, Kit Mini and flouro lamps come in to play across kitchen for when they’re chopping up those ten-out-of-ten tomatoes and to provide guidance through illumination around general floor space. The Flow does what it says in its name as it provides a tricky solution on the stunning curved arches. This is hospitality design and hospitality lighting at its tastiest.

Interior: Studio Y | Lighting: ambience/Studio Y | Photography: Michael Gazzola