Ugg Flagship

In approaching the lighting design with the team at Coma for the flagship Sydney store of Ugg our design intent was to focus on the complete package of the retail experience. From highlighting the product in its best light, to how a user interacts with the area. To do this we aimed to maintain a bright, colour inducing and material-focused environment to show off the wool products. We also paid considerable attention to producing a feeling and look of warmth, this was to create a luxury environment for those experiencing the space.

There were also a few design considerations we had to take into account when approaching the project. These included high ceilings, two levels ( and attracting clients to second level), a flexible floor and window displays. We also wanted to create mood within the breakout areas. The store was shortlisted at IDEA 2015. DESIGNER : Coma PHOTOGRAPHY: Tom Ferguson

Products used:

Siro series

Custom painted Champagne Gold Kit Mini

LED strip

Original Tom Dixon Etch