ambience – the #nofilter office that constantly changes colour

This workspace project was a playful yet carefully considered and precise use of natural light, shadow and colour mixed with artificial light. The creative execution by Studio Y weaved the company’s light-hearted branding & tone throughout of ‘making light work’ and was based on creating ‘a workspace where people want to work’.
The project was exceptional in that the creativity of the lighting execution was paramount.  The concept was centred around optical prisms, which can break light into its constituent spectral colours. The layered and compelling design is perceived differently from every direction, allowing visual connections throughout and altering perceptions of depth and range.
The project vision was designed to give varied visual stimulation at different times of the day, from mesmerizing natural sunlight, to mind-bending prism effects and arresting backlit colour gradients, with colours becoming denser and shadows more dynamic – depending on the time time of day, (the workspace evolves and subtly changes colour and light at every minute of the day.)Working hand-in-hand with the dichroic film is the huge lighting feature; a custom-design backlit double layered acoustic panel in the ceiling. This was created to provide mood-calming and smooth illumination for staff,And it creates track-stopping and awe-inspiring moment whenever visitors or staff enter the space for the first time. The project is almost like a playground or labyrinth with charms and illuminated surprises around every corner. There are more intimate zones scattered throughout, defined by bright pastel colours and glazed panels with a dichroic window film.
The result is a bold, highly visually, stimulating and vivacious workspace that inspires and impresses throughout the working day. Its audacious and original nature is one that has met with wonder from staff, clients and visitors alike that exceeded the brief of ‘a workplace where people want to work’.
Read more about the project and watch the video here: A visual journey through the workplace like no other
Build: EMAC Photos: Ben Glezer Electrical: MPW