The Monkeys

We were tasked by designers Akin Creative to help them with the lighting for The Monkeys. The Monkeys are a creative agency in Sydney, famous for advertising campaigns for the likes of IKEA plus they also make TV shows and all kinds of other interesting projects. The lighting plan required a design that aesthetically fit in with the warehouse/industrial/raw look to the space. Part of this required lighting to be minimal and stripped back, while at the same time provide enough lighting to suit the usage of the space.
There was exposed ceiling with existing truss raked roof and existing cable trays, therefore location of fittings needed to be strategically placed with the choice of either surface-mounted or suspension fixtures. The focus was on lighting task areas sufficiently while keeping the lighting in other areas to a minimum creating a more subdued look. We also custom made a linear system that moved in unison with the desks of the creative department.

Ambi-line – over work stations task areas (zig zag pattern to follow lines of desk in creative department)

Pitch – general areas

Helsinki – general area walkways

Bravado – Meeting rooms

Kit Mini – Meeting Rooms

Jianco Jnr MR16 – lower ground floor edit suite
Special thanks to Scotty D from The Monkeys