Sub-Zero and Wolf

Transforming the old Melbourne Bank Building, the interior design (by Mim Design) for the showroom of premium appliance retailer Sub Zero and Wolf creates a sublime experience of hidden escape. One striking feature is the use of neon. Custom neon is used in the window archways and also as a tool to help frame the main interior. LED strip and profile – produced in our LAB facility – assists with task and movement within the space and also adds accent to shelving and stairs.

This lighting approach was described in (inside) magazine as “under edge lighting used on shelves and stairs visually reinforces the austerity of line” and “highlighting the changes in material” from stone to timber. A key consideration was achieving this while always having the product as the hero – high output Slim Kats and Fat Kats help the product to achieve maximum exposure. There is also a sense of theatrical design with the contrasts in lighting, helping to heighten the experience for the user. The lighting also had to complement the design around the heritage building with a focus on both aesthetic and structural detail. Pics: Peter Clarke


Slim Kat

Fat Kat

Custom Neon

LED Strip

LED profile