SPT Football

SPT Football sells premium football products with an unrivalled football/retail experience. With concepts like a simulated football stadium where customers can try their boots out before they buy, SPT Football sets the bar for a new wave of innovative and engaging retail. And the interior design from ACRD certainly is a perfect match. We were tasked by them to provide the lighting. To create the stadium-inspired floods we used Mini Rolls (they’ve got special cages to protect the lights in case of any wayward shots, however all ours hit the back of the net when we were on site, of course), Top Kats as circulation lighting, Bravado on the product displays, but the showcase piece is the illuminated football pitch that hangs above the retail floor which was created out of LED ‘neon’. This was chosen for its punch and flexibility to move around the curved shapes of a football pitch. Goal! Ibraaaaahimoooovic

Pictures: Ben Glezer