Posca Chandelier

The iconic Posca marker enjoys a cult like following with artists and designers both young and old. Poscas are used as a tool to create many wonderful things, so we decided to re-use Poscas themselves to create a feature for our new showroom window project ‘Eye Spy’ – a Posca Chandelier

Lighting a product that is not meant to originally be lit can be far more difficult than creating a light from scratch, plus on many lighting designs the technical aspects can be an after thought. We therefore sourced the best components for this project to ensure a high quality of light distribution and also to maximise efficiency and minimise maintenance.

In all we used forty different markers in 5 vibrant colours- Pink, Red, Light Blue, Yellow and White. It has a LED light source, with the lamps sitting inside the marker to make them fully illuminate the Posca’s original colour through the lid from within. The coloured power cable is a 2 core flex that also matches the Posca paint colour for each particular marker.

The markers are specifically arranged and suspended from our specially designed mounted chandelier disc. What’s remarkable about this light is its energy efficiency. Combined, all the lamps use just 28 watts of power, less than half of a normal household globe. The way this light has been executed demonstrates a solid understanding of the technical aspects of lighting and what can be achieved with sound technical background and imagination.

And with the majority of Melbourne’s landfill sites containing primarily plastic based products it’s an example of what we can do with used and empty materials.


Photos: Ben Glezer