Nandos Flagship

It’s all about the mood at the Nando’s Flagship location. The team set out to achieve a relaxed environment for diners by producing a layered hospitality lighting approach. Mood is key in casual dining, and by varying light levels we subtly change the feeling and energy levels as one moves through the space.

In this project, recessed downlights and tracklighting provide a base level of light within the environment. Spots and LED strip on shelving are used to highlight architectural features and custom art. Decorative feature pendants reinforce the spatial and visual hierarchy of the space. Colour consistency across the varying fittings is essential, as is the dimming capability to the automated control system.

The implementation of these design philosophies resulted in a strong design aesthetic with attention-grabbing architectural elements and feature pieces creating the perfect chill-out spot.

Products used:

Mini roll

Kit Mini



Custom brass rail with suspended feature pendants