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Mecca Maxima & Cosmetica 

We’ve completed locations across Australia for both Mecca Maxima and Cosmetica. Described as the ‘ultimate beauty playground’ the lighting for these stores has a lot to live up to. Our production is a fascinating mix of disciplines in the lighting cycle including lighting design & planning, supply and custom work produced in our ‘lab’ facility in Fairfield.

Holistically when approaching the design we obviously aspire to create a warm inviting mood for clients, but also the best environment for product displays to capture attention and for optimum colour matching.

In an attempt to minimise returns we need to be conscious that the purchasing decision making process is intricate and complex, such as the need to provide correct colour matching. This means the lighting must reflect the true colours of the product, all whilst maintaining warmth and mood.

Importantly there are no fit rooms so products are ‘try ons’ at the retail floor. Therefore we combine ‘fit room lighting’ – a critical juncture on the decision making process – with the overall retail strategy. There is an equal importance in not just making the customers look and feel good, but also a realistic reflection of the product once applied.

There are also digital innovations such as the beauty station pads that enable customers to adjust lighting levels when having their make up applied to best test what their application will be – whether it’s hitting the town or just taking a selfie.

A few of highlights at various locations include:

Myer Perth

Developed a custom canopy with LED inside.

Mecca Cosmetica Toorak:

Joinery for Nars – custom shelving, installed LED on site.


The use of Bravado to provide illumination for when the products are taken from the shelves by customers. A perfect mix of quality of light and fantastic coverage.

A selection of products