Mecca Cosmetica Armadale

Sunlight – it’s wonderful, but it can also be a complex consideration when lighting a retail environment. It has its challenges but it most definitely has its rewards, and our project for Mecca Cosmetica at Armadale was a case study in using natural light at the core of the composition.

The spatial design from Meacham Nockles McQualter was an alluring mix of sophistication and sensuosity. To complement this we needed a focused pooling of light that provided defined contrasts between circulation spaces and display units. The tone and feel in the circulation areas must be comfortable and inviting, not dark and brooding. While brand displays must be bright enough to delicately pop.

The Sky light is a major feature element, which runs through the centre of the store. It’s supported by a blackened steel surface, with neutral greys and elements of stark contrasting whites. The challenge with mixing natural and artificial light in a cosmetics and skincare retail environment is not only achieving a consistent light, but also controlling the colour temperature and providing a colour correct lighting environment for cosmetic colour matching. And this all has to be achieved at different times of the day and year, adding a layer of complexity to the task.

We selected the Sense downlight for its even distribution, focused beam, low glare qualities, colour characteristics and importantly – for controlling the outputs. The trimless quality of the fitting and minimal aesthetics makes them truly at home in a grid design.

To partner them and continue the sophisticated styling, a wall-mounted Baby Abaco – defined by its diminutive size and strong light output – was used in the Atrium. The colour qualities of the fitting matched perfectly with the requirements for cosmetic consultation.

Scope  (rear vestibule) is so tiny and subtle it could actually fit into the perforated vestibule, which allowed us to provide further depth to the store, by highlighting a glass display at the very rear of the space.

Mecca Cosmetica Armadale highlights that when creativity and consideration conjoin, then a combination of both natural and artificial light to spatial design will truly elevate the outcome.

Products used:

Sense Wall Mounted

Baby Abaco


AS1 with Frost diffuser – 9.6w LED strip.

The Sun