Lighting design on the lowdown for Locura at Byron Bay

One step inside the latin-influenced Locura and you can see why it is heralded as a breath of fresh air on the Byron Bay hospitality scene. With the interior architecture from the super talented team at Pattern Studio the project features a genteel mix of customised and carefully designed illumination.

Highlights include the custom sconce by ambience + Jan Flook made with Japanese hot wax steel. These amazing-sounding fixtures are complimented with a cute-as-a-button baby version. Custom-made Heide can lights in raw galvanised steel with lightly washed Piccolo by Symphony combine to create a subtle and sophisticated tone at the bar, Yellow Trace describes it as “Soft and ambient illumination by decorative light fittings and concealed LED strip lights create the kind of mood that suggests something special might well happen here.” The bathrooms are a stand out feature with their light-installation inspired aesthetic. They feature a precise dosage of RGB and warm white, designed to move away from standard colours in the spectrum and create pastel tones: “an unexpected surprise as patrons travel from the moodily-lit and relatively unadorned bar space into the richly coloured bathrooms”.

Credits: @locurabyronbay Interior architecture: @_patternstudio | lighting @ambiencelighting | Photography @benhosking1984