Kiss Kill

With a seductive aesthetic that conjures feelings of a luxury Hollywood meets high end hotel warmth, and all with a splash of theatre, the Kiss Kill lingerie boutique is an edgy addition to Westfield Doncaster. For the project we collaborated with interior designers ginger la, and the showcase is the huge multi-globe feature. A core composition of the piece is the dimming driven by the shape and linear aspects of the object. As the eye is drawn across the space from the feature to the product on display we also see the neon artwork. To illuminate the merchandise we have Mini Rolls and Custom globes throughout the space.

The Dimple tracklight is all about making an impression, so it’s not only the perfect choice for a shopfront to provide the extra colour rendering and punch, but it’s not one to be intimidated when you have a couple of skulls hanging in the window.

Interior Design: ginger la Photos: Ben Glezer