Hilton Adelaide

Hilton Adelaide has unveiled its new 180-seat restaurant and lounge area. For the project ambience was tasked by designers Landini Associates with the lighting plan & design. The project enabled ambience to showcase a suite of lighting disciplines and to explore effective lighting applications across everything from creating the right dining mood at 10am to which LED Tape makes ice glow the best.

Lin Lam, ambience’s head of design says “Part of the vision was to breathe life into the current space by creating an environment that naturally invites you to feel comfortable – almost as if you’re in your own domain. Guests must be able to enjoy and embrace it”.

Main features include the custom wall lights, such as the ‘Uplight’ in the lobby area and the ‘UpDown’ in the Brassiere area. For the stand out centerpiece feature, ambience partnered with Copper ID to realise Landini’s vision for this showcase area. The design needed to incorporate the elements of the existing feature pendant within the lobby lounge

Hand blown glass Orb pendants by Mark Douglas were used to light the round banquet dining table and the banquet seating. In front of the grill station, Mini Roll track spots highlight the grill area and draw your eye when within. The use of these high output tracklights was to also command attention from outside the brassiere. To accentuate the stonework ambience used AS1 LED profile. It was also concealed under bar counter and recessed under crockery shelving in the Grill station area. For more design insights to this project read here

Products used

Ambiled Round

Kit Mini

Flow Mini


Mini Roll

Ambiled AS2

Ambiled AS1

LED Tape

Custom wall light – Up

Custom wall light – UpDown

Custom feature pendant

Orb Pendant

Images: Trevor Mein