Fonda Collingwood

Fonda’s new location at Collingwood is a great example of the varied styles and innovative spaces popping up around Melbourne

The interior has as a touch of femininity with the RRRs – it’s relaxed, it’s raw – but it’s also refined. The feeling is one that invites patrons to stay a little longer and enjoy a drink or two, not just eat and leave.

For the lighting, on the street we have the tiltable spots welcoming patrons and drawing attention from passers-by. Kit Mini downlights provide kitchen task lighting while AS2 LED profile adds accent to joinery and glow from behind the frosted glass cabinets. The itty bitty Scope dimmable downlights have an undercover presence in the plant towers and provide a gentle illuminative highlight. Surface mounted Mini Rolls are punctuated throughout the space while the wall spots add an artistic and refined touch to the exposed surface. In the outdoor seating area overhead we have festoon lighting adding a serene simplicity to the space.

It’s always an exciting task to provide hospitality lighting design for new projects, especially when the palette is as tasty as this.

Illumination: ambience Interior Design: ST Style