Din Tai Fung Miranda

There were a few design considerations when approaching the lighting plan for Din Tai Fung Miranda. The tenancy is over two levels, with external seating area on the lower floor.  The ceiling detail above this area featured a suspended timber slat ceiling mounted in close intervals, we suspended the Unilux pendant here with a third of the fitting protruding below the beam.  The ceiling detail varied internally so we custom painted the Kit Mini downlight to colour match the ceiling where required.  Track lighting in the void above the spiral staircase was also required to provide illumination for the artwork, so we used the Panl SLM 3000 LED trackspot.

For the open Dim Sim Kitchen the aim was to maintain a colour consistency between restaurant space and the adjoining kitchen, with a follow through of colour temp from dining space with a high lighting level for food preparation, bar detailing & joinery lighting. There is natural light into the tenancy so we wanted to create a pleasant ambience for customer dining inside, whilst being cautious not to ‘over light’ the space. This is project was awarded a finalist at the 2015 Dulux Colour Awards. DESIGNER: Design Clarity Photo: Steve Back


Panl Jnr SLM3000 LED trackspot

Kit Mini deep baffle d/light

Pinhole d/light

9.6W 3000K LED tape u/side bar

‘AS1’ Ambi LED profile to horizontal bar frame

Apollo surface mtd twin fluro batten BOH

Unilux pendant