Customised lighting creations for Nike Chadstone

Sport is a team game, and so is creating the right retail space. Great designers, world-class product and a considered lighting strategy. Working with store designers ACRD we provided the illumination for Nike Chadstone. Retail is a lot about reaction – from pulling people in that walk past to conveying different sesabilities once they’re in the store. You also have the usability aspects that help guide the customer along the decision maker jourey and make their experience as comfotable and engaging as possible.

In a Nike ethos, Roll tracklights are the solid team player here, moving around the circuit and making hero of the product. The mesmerising formation of custom Panorama linear lights are the stand out star. They provide function that meets fashion with their high optics and circular design. Meerkat downlights give an even illumination that’s perfect for perfecting a fit room where colours need to look as they should for customers. So they’re ready to take home their garment, and the points.