Twin Stick


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Twin Stick

WATT: 10W–27W

COLOUR: Various

The 24v RD Twin Stick is called a twin, but it’s just one tube. It gets its name from the recently developed twin LED light sources. It provides no shadowing and gives a cleaner 360° light output. Yes, The 24v RD Twin Stick is an incredibly versatile linear lighting solution and can be dimmable. And as we said – no shadows.

The slim and robust stick can be suspended horizontally, vertically or at any angle, as well as surface mounted.

The Encapsulite Stick-Lite series can be used to great effect, and utilised for all kinds of projects where a standard batten fitting would be too ungainly and detract from the surroundings. They also can create a vibrant look for installation projects.

Encapsulite has been producing Stick Lites, tube lighting and its variations since the 1960s, so their quality is assured.

Now, altogether – ciao, sayonara, au revoir, bon voyage shadows.