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The Serene rectangle LED panel is all about creating a tranquil environment. High output, refined super-slim design, long life and low glare. But it’s also about what the Serene doesn’t do that makes it something special  – there is no UV, infared or noise interference, meaning none of those humming sounds that can drive you nuts. Back to what it does do though:

  • Tri-Color Option: Amazing flexibility to choose different colours by switching between 3 CCT options – 3000K/3300K-3400K/4000K.
  • Premium White 3300K-3400K: In between colour option if you want to take the yellow edge off the warm & introduce a little bit of cool.
  • UGR19: Low glare output making it suitable for office and workspace lighting; Green Star compatible; high visual comfort
  • CRI90: Great colour rendering
  • Installation: Comes in multiple installation styles like T-Bar recessed, plaster ceiling recessed, surface mounted & suspended.

With this many attributes, it’s easy to feel at ease with the Serene.