Symphony – Rhapsody ‘neon’ flex

Bend it, move it, make it, create it....rock on!

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Symphony – Rhapsody ‘neon’ flex

WATT: 10w/m

Da-da-da- daaaaaaaaaaaaa. Introducing ‘Rhapsody’ neon flex from our Symphony range . Created with the art of creating in mind, whatever your application you’re guaranteed an encore performance – mirrors, bars, feature lights, custom projects, signage, hard-t0-reach spots, pendants, bulkheads and if you’re trying to get that a neon look without having to use neon. Did we also mention that it’s waterproof and can be used outdoors? It’s enough to make a song and dance about.

So, for those about to rock – bend it, move it, make it, create it, rock on!