Fusion Linear System


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Fusion Linear System

Watt: 2-22w

Trim/Reflector colour: White/Black | Black/Black | White/Specular | Black/Specular

A mix and match linear lighting system that emits such low glare you can hardly tell where it’s coming from? Yes, the Fusion linear by Neko Lighting  is a slim, boutique downlight and linear system that lives up to all the attributes you’d expect from a Swiss-designed product, with it all umbrelled under supreme precision. When it’s all mixed together it’s all about various:

Various finishes √ Various applications:Various Mounting options:Various colour temperatures:Various lengths: √ Various beam angles:

And don’t we all know that multiple fittings can be a distraction, detracting from the fine details within the space? With this many options and attributes you can have 1 series for 1 space. And if versatility isn’t you bag then just the single option for your space – the choice is yours. In the Swiss town that gave birth to the Fusion they have a saying for something that works like this, it roughly translates to ‘The perfect blend’.

But we’ll just settle for…perfect.