Maki Roll – Surface


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Maki Roll – Surface

WATT: 10w

COLOUR: Black/white/silver

The surface mounted Maki Roll is part of the Roll family. As its namesake suggests it’s a more refined version of it’s larger contemporaries. Like the intricate sushi prepared by a master of their craft, the Maki Roll it is all about what they left out so that they could fit what’s actually needed inside. It’s timelessly stylish, unobtrusive, sleek and compact in its look, yet versatile with the option to dim. Whether you’re using it for retail due to its light output versatility or in a gallery for its minimal aesthetics – you’re sure to master your space with the Maki Roll.

Note: Comes in Maki Roll track light option. We also have as part of this family – the Mini Roll and the Roll, you can compare the sizes is the gallery image.