Heide series

The custom light that isn't

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Heide series

WATT: Up to 9w

COLOUR: Solid brass, steel, aluminum, custom

SIZE: Custom lengths + diameter available (available suspended, rod or surface mounted)

“Local, handcrafted and customised”.

Stop! Now, when those words go together it conjures up thoughts of time and money as the old-fashioned rulebook is slammed down on the table. Well, turf the rulebook – because if works of art knew rules we’d have to quickly jot down a few new ones.

Yes, Heide is the custom light that isn’t.

It’s a tribute to Melbourne’s groundbreaking creative heritage and is hand-crafted from locally sourced materials. It was borne from a vision of wanting to provide tailoring – without all the tailoring, yet still marry an exceptional level of refined aesthetic and function.

Multi residential? Office? Café? Restaurant? Anywhere you would like a custom-made and refined touch, your space is an open canvas and Heide wants to help tell your story.

And the best thing about having a ‘custom-non-custom’ light? The lead times and approachable price are a work of art in themselves.


  • ø60mm  Height: 150 mm
  • ø80mm  Height: 150 mm
  • ø100mm Height: 150 mm
  • ø60mm Height: 200 mm
  • ø80mm Height: 200 mm
  • ø100mm Height: 200 mm