5 must-see leftfield lighting design projects

by AMBIENCE on September 24, 2020

An eclectic mix of custom + creative lighting installations + lighting designs from the vault by Melbourne lighting designers, ambience.

1. Posca Chandelier

To create the Posca Chandelier we re-used forty different markers in 5 vibrant colours. It was designed with the lamps sitting inside the marker to make them fully illuminate the Posca’s original colour through the lid. A pretty cool example of how you can re-purpose other products to create something incredible. Read & See more about the Posca Chandelier


2. Tesla Electric Portrait

This award-winning lighting installation was created as homage to electrical pioneer, Nikola Tesla. Built using 759 energy efficient LED globes mounted to a grid with various masked diameters allowing exact light levels to escape at different sizes. Read more about Tesla Electric portrait.


3. Roll hand-painted track lighting series

We collaborated with a selection of artist friends who were tasked to use a standard light fixture as a blank canvas. The artists include legendary street artist Puzle, Indigenous Australian artist Steve Parker and Illustrator Andy Murphy. The executions are all crafted by hand and cover everything from popular (and unpopular) culture, to traditional art, humour and fashion, exploring colour and texture. See more of the Roll hand-painted series.


4. Mapstone skateboard light 

After a few years ago playing around with making lights from a skateboard, we finally made a skateboard light for our friend and Melbourne skate icon Anthony Mapstone. Part belated celebration of his model on Blind Skateboards and part celebration of the new Fast Times store at Chadstone. See more of the Mapstone skateboard light 


5. Huxtaburger skatebowl

With a few old skaters on the team at ambience, the new Huxtaburger Footscray concept from Studio Y Interior Design & Architecture was an even more awesome project than usual to collab on. The lighting design featured customised illuminated hand rails and ceiling skate ramp with illuminated coping. See more of Huxtaburger skate bowl.


6. Ok, we said 5 but…the Chiko Roll tracklight!

We (sort of) launched the Chic-o tracklight, the world’s most enchanting example of what happens when sleek architectural innovation meets vegetable oil. Fawned over by the world’s most celebrated interiors media…you really need to see some more of this. View Chiko roll tracklight

If you have any exciting leftfield lighting itches to scratch, hit up the team contact ambience