Lighting a home or multi-residential? This will transform your project

by AMBIENCE on March 31, 2020

Take the complexity out of your residential project with lighting design and supply packages.

Award-winning designers ✅ Full-stocked warehouse ✅ Workshop for customisation ✅ Video consultations ✅ Awesomeness ✅✅✅

Whether you’re an interior designer, architect, builder or just home renovator, it’s never been as important to work as efficiently, as productively and as simply as possible – while getting a first-class outcome. When it comes to lighting for residential projects we can offer a lighting design and supply service. We’ve got a 3,500sqm HQ, with a fully-stocked warehouse (full of downlights, tracklights, dodgy inspiration posters), award-winning design studio and a workshop/assembly space – meaning it’s all there waiting for you!

We also offer video consultations, enabling everything from a video walkthrough of your project to guidance about a product. And because our designers have such an intimate knowledge of the products they specify, you can rest-assured that they are going to specify one perfect for your project and what you’re trying to achieve.

Plus, if you’re looking for custom fixtures we offer ‘off-the-shelf custom’ options that you can tailor to your project, and they’re produced right there in our workshop – easy!

So, even if you’re just planning/got an itch to do something or right smack bang in the middle of your project and you want to explore your options, contact our sales or design teams today. And they’ll let you know how you can make you residential projects look and run that extra bit awesome: ambience contact details

Projects: Mail House – Mim Design. Pivot House – Architects EAT. Cantilver – Design Office. Loft – Planlicht