Lighting the world’s most sustainable shopping centre, Burwood Brickworks.

by AMBIENCE on February 18, 2020

The Burwood Brickworks shopping centre and multi-use development by Frasers Property is aiming to achieve the title of ‘the world’s most sustainable shopping centre’.

With an approach that puts community well-being at the forefront, the Burwood Brickworks was designed in consultation with eco-trailblazer Joost Bakker. It’s driven by the Living Building Challenge (LBC) which is a US sustainability and environment impact certification. LBC has a strict criteria such as using sustainable, recycled and non-toxic materials, recycling water, using renewable energy and net zero carbon footprint.

And it’s also got a lot of other innovative and progressive measuring points like a happiness quotient.

With such strict guidelines it’s easy to see why there are under two dozen buildings around the entire globe that qualify for an LBC certification. We have so far provided lighting for display suites and tenancies including Little Mandarin Yoga, Canning’s Butchers and Gami.

Little Mandarin Yoga (image)

Obviously not just any luminaires and lighting components can adhere to these rigid guidelines and ensure that they are compliant with red-List free chemicals. Luckily, we’ve had experience in this space, with projects like the first stand-alone fashion retailer in (Country Road, Chadstone) to be awarded a 5-star Green Star rating (Read: how lighting helped Country Road achieve an Australian first with Green Star).

Our products used that match the LBC criteria include:

Burwood Brickworks (Image)

Cannings w/ Construction Zone  (Image)

You can read more about the development on the Frasers Property site. Burwood Brickworks is an exciting project and an example of the vision and creativity that can go hand-in-hand with environmentally-conscious ideas. We look forward to getting behind many more in the future.