The amount of combos this linear lighting can create is frightening.

by AMBIENCE on October 16, 2019

And the number of features is even scarier. Introducing Planlicht’s Pure 3 to the Australian market. It’s pure perfection in profile.

We’re excited to announce that ambience is now distributing Planlicht’s Pure 3 profile to the Australian and New Zealand markets. European quality and engineering, assembled locally in our Melbourne HQ.  It’s available in RECESSED, SUSPENDED, WALL-MOUNTED and SURFACE-MOUNTED But before we get carried away with telling you about how amazing it is, first a bit about our friends at Planlicht.

About Planlicht 

Planlicht was founded in Austria in 1986. Austria sounds very much like Australia but it’s not. There are no kangaroos there. The headquarters and production facilities are based in Vomp, Tirol, with sales offices in Austria (Vienna, Graz and Wels), Germany, France and Finland. Planlicht employ nearly 200 people.

Boo! Scary profile

Pure 3 enjoys a mesmerising myriad of endless configurations – angles, curves, colours and forms. Available for floors, walls ceilings or even just hanging from thin air in. Well, actually it’s not ‘technically’ endless but we (by ‘we’ our Engineer extraordinaire Somesh) stopped counting at 2,239,488 combos. Talking of scary, a 600-metre length was once made for a project!

Pure 3 is great for applications such as workspaces, public institutions, foyers…actually it’s just great full stop. Just some of the features include:

  • No light leak
  • No shadows on the diffuser
  • Endless lines of light
  • Up to 4.5m continuous lengths
  • Configure to add spotlights
  • Tool free installation
  • Green Star compatible
  • Of course, a powder coat finish

But for a more detailed overview, You can get more individual product information by hitting these links: PURE 3 RECESSED, PURE 3 SUSPENDED, PURE 3 WALL-MOUNTED and PURE 3 SURFACE-MOUNTED Or contact our team now, call 03 9403 6400

(Images: Planlicht, Projects: BildungscampusHeilbronn, LandkreisErlangenHoechstadt, MittelschuleKlausWeiler )