How many MCGs could our custom lighting for Timezone Garden City fill?

by AMBIENCE on February 18, 2019

Our latest with the team at Timezone + Zone Design at Westfield Garden City

TIMEZONE Garden City is a bright and huge family friendly venue jam packed with the latest, greatest arcade games and killer entertainment options, featuring our complex Skygrid x Ensemble custom lighting system. And whenever something big is done the standard measuring method seems to be its relevance to the size of the MCG. Well in keeping with this tried and true form of mathematical equation, we can tell you that it is over TWO lengths of the MCG – yes, a whopping 405 metres of custom overhead lighting. What else is that big as I hear you say – well, I can tell you it’s way longer than the world’s biggest aircraft carrier (337 metres) and the Titanic (269 metres). In fact if you put the grid from the Surface of the earth to the moon you’d still have a very, very long way to go but you get the picture. The system is called Ensemble and is part of our Symphony lighting range and made right here in our Uni Hill Melbourne workshop. Watch the video featuring Ensemble below:

Besides the custom over head work and a swathe of traditional fixtures, the project also features these wonderful dynamic Brass RGB colour changing wall lights produced in collab with Jan Flook. They were customised and carefully constructed to provide even light and prevent imaging with the dreaded LED dots.

ambience x Jan Flook custom wall light

ambience x Jan Flook custom wall light

It was great working with the team at Timezone, interior architects Zone Design and builders Diverse, and be sure to check out the space if you’re at Garden City – here’s a list of Timezone + Zone Bowling locations. 

If you’d like to find out more about this lighting system, or have just want to chat cliched mathematical equations then get in contact with our team on PH: 03 9403 6400 or