We’re looking to add to our team – lighting positions Melbourne

by AMBIENCE on October 8, 2018


ambience HQ - Pic: Ben Glezer

We’re growing and that means a few things, but most importantly it means we need new people. If you want to know a bit about us read here, or if you want to look at what we do you can take a look here. Or we can just tell you we work on all kinds of lighting from cutting-edge retail to hotels to art installation projects and collaborating with Australia’s and the world’s leading brands and designers. But enough about us – we are here for you, well, hopefully. So, we are currently looking for people to fill full time roles in the following positions:

1. Light Planner

Ok – let’s get straight to the point, or points – literally:

  • Have experience as light planner/lighting designer
  • Perform lighting layouts in CAD (Previous CAD experience is a must)
  • Support design team across a variety of major (and minor) projects
  • AGI experience preferred
  • You will also be guided in other aspects of lighting & lighting design
  • This is a great opportunity for an ambitious candidate to grow with a terrific team


  • A full job description is available upon request (Please email resume in PDF only, we are petrified of word docs).


You can email employment@ambienceighting.com.au or check it out on Linkedin here: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/893142407/


2. Lighting – Key Account & Project Consultant

We currently handle the lighting accounts for many mouth watering retail brands and hospitality groups. We’d like you to help manage some of our key brands and projects. You’ll do things like handle quotes, orders, products, projects and even be as kind to provide customers with your lighting expertise – you name it. Obviously you’d ideally already have experience in lighting and be confident with client liaison (that sounds very 80s doesn’t it?) with your customer service skills second to none.


Please, if any of these positions sound like they could be for you or you’d like more detailed information, then we would love to hear from you. Shoot us an email and let’s take it from there:


Oh, before we go, we pride ourselves on our dynamic and engaging workplace, and we also pride ourselves on the coffee and culinary delights we like to whip up routinely. Speak soon.