5 great examples of custom lighting in hospitality design

by AMBIENCE on August 9, 2018

Some compelling uses of bespoke lighting design that’ll give you food for thought when it comes to hospitality. 

(Workshop Bros – Interior Design: Studio Esteta )

When it comes to getting punters in the door nowadays, great design can be just as important as the dining – ten years ago you would’ve never heard of a brief ‘make it instagrammable’. This has lead to some delicious design that is not only crafted for effective function, but is also attention-grabbing and of course photogenic. Here are five examples of hospitality design projects that have used custom lighting in alluring and thought-provoking ways.

1. Fujisaki, Barangaroo – Interior Design: Design Clarity 

We love Japanese food and we love it even more when the interiors look like this. The impeccable design at Japanese restaurant Fujisaki showcases a wall feature inspired by the Japanese alpine regions. See more shots from this project: Innovation the dish of the day at Fujisaki

2. Workshop Bros – Interior Design: Studio Esteta 

What can be said about this project that hasn’t already? The recipient of numerous accolades and worldwide attention. Elements that drive continual captivation include the use of beautiful folded custom pendants with complementary wall lights. Did you also know that the downlights on this project were also customised to match these elements? Read more here: Behind the lighting for Workshop

3. Palace Cinemas, Sydney – Interior Design: Design Office 

Yes, you read right – a cinema. This is one that has it all and in abundance. Customised disks, a linear trough and all complemented with some classic pendants, we’ll drink to that – see more here: Lights, camera, reaction at Palace Cinemas

4. Huxtaburger, Footscray – Interior Design: Studio Y 

Huxtaburger is a kickflipping good example of a simple idea getting an extreme result. The skateboarding-based concept sees LED used around the lip of the ramp, creating an illuminated coping. To complement it we also have a custom rail slide bar created with a modified stick lite. See more : A radical approach to lighting design 

5. The Penny Drop – Interior Design: Golden

This venue takes its name from the Tax office located upstairs, and from the top is not the only place the idea travels, with the concept used throughout the space’s conceptual design. The custom pendants that mimic a dropping coin are a stunning example of ideas interacting with illumination. It’s little wonder this project has also earned numerous accolades. See more here: Penny Drop gallery

Special mention Stomping Ground 

All right, all right, this is pushing us dangerously into a number 6 territory but Stomping Ground (with interior design from Studio Y) gets a shout out because not only does it feature custom lighting crafted to recreate a look of a bygone era, but ist also has 100s of found objects (including pieces from abandoned stadiums in the USSR) that were modified and then customised using the latest lighting technology. See more here: Stomping ground gallery 

You can see more of our hospitality design projects by heading over to our project gallery. If you have a project and you’d like to explore your illumination possibilities, contact us now – ambience contact details 

(Photography: Ryan Linnegar, @tessarossphelanphoto, Terrence Chin, Tom Hutton, Brooke Holm, Leopold Fiala)