The incredible pursuit of pure colour when lighting Mecca Cosmetica

by AMBIENCE on July 18, 2018

When it comes to retail lighting, getting the lighting colour portfolio correct is the key for cosmetics.

The process behind getting colour perfect for cosmetics is as precise as it is impressive – and it has to be. Why? Well, if a customer customer applies make-up in store that colour /shade has to look the same as when they leave the store or there is obviously the risk of returns – simply it’s critical that colour looks like it should. It’s no good Nars Jungle Red not looking look like Nars Jungle Red and instead looking more like ‘Fire Down Below’ or ‘Shanghai Express’, that’s a train the customer didn’t want to take. This is always a key consideration when crafting spaces for the premium Mecca Cosmetica brand. The beautiful Indooroopilly space includes exclusively developed and designed LED panels engineered for in-store make up application.

Console station with exclusively engineered LED at Mecca Cosmetica Indooroopilly

The illumination is crafted to create a broad-based colour portfolio with a specific focus on lighting values in skin tone hues for the applying of cosmetics – an intricate but very rewarding feat when successfully implemented.  You can see see more images from this stunning project in our gallery Illumination creatively crafted for Mecca Cosmetica Indooroopilly 

Our colour portfolio research, testing and experiments are carried out in our retail research facility also in Melbourne. If you’d like to know more please get in touch with our team – contact ambience 

(images courtesy Mecca Cosmetica)