A window of opportunity at Country Road Toorak Road

by AMBIENCE on May 30, 2018


A linear lighting system customised for Country Road to provide world-class visual merchandising illumination.

The iconic Country Road on Toorak Road sets the perfect location to use a cutting-edge luminaire system that can provide world-class visual merchandising illumination, one that’s inspired by leading European fashion and runway displays, and customised for the brand and the space – enter the Fusion Linear System. 

The Fusion’s adjustable heads provide complete flexibility and the freedom to isolate individual product items within each window space – a boon for visual merchandising. The pinhole illumination source is extendable and rotatable enabling points of light to produce less ‘light echo’ against the windows.

This means passers-by are at first drawn to what’s on display – not just their own reflection. Because ultimately VM is all about foot traffic checking out what’s on display – not themselves.

To see more of the Fusion system, click here or give as a hoy and we’ll take you through it.