Hand crafted tracklights to stop you in your tracks

by AMBIENCE on October 26, 2017

Creating talking points from the docile and dormant world of standard light fixtures.

This series of hand-painted track lights was produced as part of our ‘unltd by ambience’ series for our unltd online lighting creator. The whole ethos behind unltd is ‘unlimited edition lighting’. To produce these fittings we collaborated with a selection of artist friends who were tasked to use a standard light fixture as a blank canvas. The artists include legendary street artist Puzle, Indigenous Australian artist Steve Parker and Illustrator Andy Murphy. The executions are all crafted by hand and cover everything from popular (and unpopular) culture, to traditional art, humour and fashion, exploring colour and texture. This is a small selection of what was created:

This is the first release in a planned tracklight series for ‘unltd by ambience’. Images by Ben Glezer