Introducing unltd – Customise your lighting in ways never before possible

by AMBIENCE on October 3, 2017

Giving architects and interior designers creative lighting possibilities they never had before.

We have launched unltd unlimited edition lighting – an online custom luminaire builder giving you the opportunity to stylise and personalise your projects in groundbreaking detail. Create, customise and colour high-quality light fittings and we’ll take care of the build, assembly and delivery.

How does it work

You select various attributes such as colour, size, shape and technical components like light temperature, beam angle and dimming options (if you prefer you can choose to get us to handle all your tech specs). Once completed you will receive a PDF data sheet of your creation which you can automatically submit to us for quotation and creation. Wammo!

So, how many combos are there?

You can mix, match and colour thousands. You are only limited by your imagination, well provided your imagination doesn’t want square pegs in round holes – or round wall washers in square downlights. Look at some creations here.

 What types of lights can we create?

Currently you can create various downlights and wall washers from our Sense downlight system as we are in a semi-beta stage. But shortly we’ll be adding linear ranges, track lighting and bespoke options.

Cool, Is there a minimum order

While we have no minimum order, unltd is designed for use for project based orders and smaller orders may incur higher production costs depending on the build.

What’s the story with colours?

We have standard colours but offer custom painting as an extra service. You can give all details to our sales team for the exact colour you’d like. We can arrange for various colour codes and matching with brands such as Dulux or Porters.

How long is the lead time?

We carry a huge stock amount, but it really does vary – from immediate if the build is simple to a number of weeks based on the complexity of your design.

Money timeHow much does each light cost?

It really depends on the size of the order and selected options, so when you finish your creation you’ll be able to get a quote from us – we’re usually very quick. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how cost-effective it is.


LAUNCH ‘unltd’ NOW

Launch unltd now – and experience how this game-changing service can give your space and projects unltd possibilities and potential.